Rubicon Forum - FinnishRussian Forum of investment and business opportunities


Date-time to begin:

27.11.2012 12:30


Kotka, Maritime Centre Vellamo

27th-28th November 2012, Kotka, Maritime Centre Vellamo

The first Rubicon Forum gathered almost 200 participants to Kotka on November 27th - 28th 2012. Participants included representatives of Russian investors, service providers and Finnish regions interested in attracting new clients from Russia.

Event was organized by Rubicon project supporting Russian investors and Russian-owned companies doing business in Finland. Rubicon is powered by Kotka-Hamina regional development company Cursor Oy.


Registration and coffee


Grand Opening of Rubicon Forum, key note speaches

  • Henry Lindelf, mayor of Kotka
  • Valery Shlyamin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Finland
  • Tuomo Airaksinen, Executive Vice President, Invest in Finland.
  • Heli Simola, Economist, Institute for Economies in Transition BOFIT, Bank of Finland

Key note speakers will share their views about investment proposition of Finland to Russian investors, describe the possibilities of Russian investors to access Finnish innovation and SME support system, as well astell about success stories of Russian investments in Finland.


Financing of innovative projects - from research to commerialism Sari Federley, Tekes the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Starting sales in the biggest finnish retail chain SOK Jari Simolin, Director, Inex Partners Oy


Key resources for Russian companies in Finland

  • Private and public sources offinancing in Finland and EU
  • Recruiting and labor relations
  • Consultations & businessplanning tools


  • Finnish business support organizations
  • Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN)
  • Barona Oy
  • Rushouse Oy

Key Partners

  • Rubicon business partners network
  • Finnish clusters andcenters of competence
  • Contacts with UScompanies


  • Cursor Oy
  • Wirma Lappeenranta Oy
  • Vantaa Innovation Oy
  • AmCham Finland

Channels and revenue streams

  • Starting sales in Finnish retail chains
  • Certification and Made in Finland label
  • Marketing and promotion in Finland and in EU


  • Inex Partners Oy
  • Hedman Attorneys Oy
  • IBS Group Oy
  • SGS Fimco Oy

No translation from Russian to English




Business opportunities hour - pitching session of Russian businesses

Format: 5 minutes presentations of Russian investors + comments from Finnish expert society

  • Pavel Kucharchik,OOO Hochu Eto
  • Sergey Yurkin,OOO NPP ISTA
  • Eugenia Barchenko,OOO Teksiks
  • Lidia Mirochnichenko, OOO Russian Olive
  • Nikolai Kuznetsov,OAO Airlen aviation company


World Caf - open dialog with Rubicon business partners - leading Finnish business experts on:

logistics financing taxes and accounting legal and expat services recruiting sales and marketing

(6 round-tables, moderated themes change every 25 minutes, 5 minutes break)


Non-Stop Consultation Reception and Meeting Venue: One-to-one business meetings


Possibility for Vellamo guided tour, one hour


Networking reception(Road 66: Kotalahdentie 6, Kotka,


Presentation of investment opportunities in Finnish regions

Regional advantages, investment objects, projects and investment cases

  • Mika Perttunen,Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company Cursor Oy
  • Mika Perttunen, Kotka-Hamina region - Gateway to Russia
  • Kimmo Koponen,Greater Helsinki Promotion
  • Elena Kaplieva, Wirma Lappeenranta Oy
  • Denis Mustonen, Lakes Lahti
  • Marina Golovko, Jykes Jyvskyl
  • Heidi Saario,Russia-network of Finnish regional development companies
  • Jouni Pekkala, City of Seinjoki


Coffee break


Experience exchange - Business cases of Russian businesses in Finland

  • How Russian large company works in Finland? - RAO Nordic Oy
  • Experience in industrial real estate project in Finland - Nordic Merihevonen Oy
  • Investment case of a Finnish hotel Leikari - Turris Oy
  • How to build an assembly factory in Finland? - Cooltech Oy
  • Successful investments in tourism infrastructure in Finland - Sirius Sport Resort Oy
  • Internationalization by opening of a company in Finland - Vitim Oy




How to utilise Finnish innovation system
in practice?

Julia Roelofsen, CEO InnoPraxis International Ltd.

No translation from Russian to English

Support of internationalization for innovation companies

Maksim Balanev, Executive Director St. Petersburg Foundation for SME development


Coffee break


Rubicon - service concept for Russian investors and businesses in Finland

  • Troshkov Sergey, program manager, Russia, FDI, Cursor Oy


Closing session: results and conclusions


Possibility to visit to Port of HaminaKotka Presentation of Finlands advantages as logistic hub


Non-Stop Consultation Reception and Meeting Venue: One-to-one business meetings

Valery Shlyamin
The Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Finland. Speaks about Russian investments in Finland and Russian-Finnish cooperation in the field in the Grand opening session on 27.11. at 9.30.
Sari Federley
Adviser in Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Speaks about the opportunities in finding financial support for innovations in the Grand Opening session session on 27.11. at 10.30.
Oleg Zakataev
Managing Director of RAO Nordic Ltd. Speaks about operations of big Russian companies in Finland in the session Experience exchange - Business cases on Russian businesses in Finland on 28.11. at 10.45.
Jari Simolin
Director (Grocery Sourcing) in SOK, the biggest retail chain in Finland. Speaks about how to promote products in Prisma, Sokos, S-Market and other stores of SOK chain in the Grand Opening session on 27.11. at 10.30.
Ari Korhonen
Vice Chairman of Board of Finnish Business Angles Network. Speaks about the opportunities for start-up firms to get venture capital in the Key Resources session on 27.11. at 11.00
Kristina Helenius
CEO at AmCham Finland. Speaks about the opportunities of finding a business-partners in the USA through Finland in Key Partners session on 27.11. at 11.00.
Harri Tuuri
Key Account Manager in SGS Fimko Ltd. Speaks about the process and costs of getting European certificates in Channels and Revenue Streams session on 27.11. at 11.00.
Natalia Malgina
Associate in law firm Hedman Partners. Speaks about how and when the label Made in Finland can be used in Channels and Revenue Streams session on 27.11. at 11.00.
Julia Roelofsen
Julia Roelofsen the CEO of InnoPraxis. Speaks about how to utilise Finnish innovation system in practice on November 28th at 13.00. Julia's speech will be only in Russian.