Master class Rubicon "Business and investment in Finland"


Date-time to begin:

01.10.2015 13:00


Institute of Finland, St. Petersburg, ul. B. Stables 8

Rubicon responds to the challenges of our time and organize a master class for investors and business owners to talk about current business opportunities and investments in Finland.

Take part in an event in which you will receive the most practical and reliable information, expert advice and specific solutions for investors and exporters!

During the seminar you will have access to information about the current business models of the following:

  • Buying a ready-made company
  • business relocation
  • Investment Property
  • Private banking and wealth management
  • assembly production
  • Purchase equipment
  • Online shop for global markets
  • The logistics hub for export

Rubicon is a new format of business events:

  • Theory and no advertising, just practice and objective information
  • presentation of real cases and investment projects
  • information "first hand" by experts working with Russian companies in Finland
  • maximum interactivity - the opportunity to ask their questions and receive individual consultation speakers
  • focus on networking - the establishment of useful business contacts for business development and investment in Russia and Finland.

Seminar on "Business and investment in Finland: what business models work in a new environment"

  • Opening of the company and the development of business in Finland: Myth and Reality, how to avoid common mistakes of Russian entrepreneurs
  • Acquisition of real estate in Finland: how to achieve the maximum return with minimum risk
  • No worse than in Switzerland: the benefits of private banking in Finland
  • It is better to go directly to a lawyer than to the court: minimizing risks through legal support of business in Finland
  • How to start selling all over the world through Finland - the decision is: an online store for global sales

Bonus: "State program to support the export of the Russian Federation: a review of opportunities for small and medium companies"


Networking break


Pitch session on internationalization "Export lift" - "pumping" of business in real time

Perhaps you have heard about Vladimir Marinovic and "Business Carousel." "Export lift" - a "Business Carousel" for companies with the potential to export and globalization. Best Practices acceleration of business, are now available for companies with the potential for globalization.

Mika Perttunen
CEO - Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company - Cursor Oy
Sergey Troshkov
Head of Rubicon program for Russian business and investments support in Finland
Helen Hanttu
Private banker for VIP customers services - Evli Bank
Vladimir Marinovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors - "VVERH" business school
Petri Erik Land
Partner - RHG Real Estate
Marko Kandgaskolkka
Marko Kandgaskolkka CEO - Flying Lynx
Maksim Balanev
CEO - St.Petersburg Foundation for SME development