Let’s Go Global Business meeting


Date-time to begin:

20.04.2016 19:00



The unique possibility to discuss actual trends of Russian export among best experts and business owners. Finnish business will present new options to Russian colleagues and share their experience.

Pre-registration is required. Speed Dating meeting will take place on April 20, 2016 in Moscow.

Russian capital will welcome the group of Finnish entrepreneurs succeeded in industry and logistics. In endless research for great new ideas they brought their attention to the search of new partners in Russia. That provides you with a wonderful option to launch international projects.

Experts and authorities, who can perform unique guide functions for Russian community will also participate in the meeting. They have significant experience in business assistance and will be glad to provide their partnership and support (including networking, organizing of business representative bodies, earning governmental support and benefits).
We welcome:

• Those, who look for new opportunities in modern production
• Businessman with global thinking and aimed on international markets
• Efficient providers, who look for new distributional channels
• Business owners, who want to challenge their production on European market